99 Bottles, Santa Cruz

I joined College Democrats because I cared about politics and wanted to make friends. Four years later, I had friends, cared slightly less about politics, and had found a passion for trivia that has only grown over the last decade. I don't think we ever won a game, but me and my Democrats played every week and had a great time.

One round with a written answer sheet and a bonus shout-out round for free beer. The questions are general, but the competition is fierce - no limit on team size, so bring a lot of friends if you want to have a shot.

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The Curly Wolf, Nevada City

In 2013, I graduated with a BA in Film Studies and moved home to work in a coffee shop. "I miss trivia," I said to my boss. "Can you start a trivia night for me?" "You start a trivia night," he replied, so I did, and it was great. Sadly, I couldn't take the pressure, and Curly Wolf trivia is on indefinite hiatus until I become emotionally strong enough to handle irate over-caffeinated trivia players telling me I wasn't specific enough about that Metallica album.

Stay posted.

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Crooked Lane Brewing, Auburn

When the local trivia venue closed its doors, we struggled to fill the gaping chasm in our lives. One Wednesday, on a whim, we drove to the next town over for a quick fix. Next thing I know we've had a team of 5 commuting 30 minutes every Wednesday night for the last 9 months. Long-distance is hard, but when it's worth it it's worth it.

Three rounds total, with a round of visual questions. This is a trivia night I would recommend to casual triviers and seasoned pros alike - it's one of the best I've been to. Teams of 7 or fewer.