People frequently think that I live in Nevada because I'm from Nevada City. Here's a fun fact for you: Nevada means "snow covered." Another fun fact: Nevada City was initially just called "Nevada" and it was a great name. And then this DUMB STATE decided to call itself Nevada which is why a town of 3000 is called Nevada City. One more fun fact: Nevada County is shaped like a gun pointing at the state of Nevada. So yeah, I have a lot of history with Nevada. Other than that, it's fine. Big sky, wild horses, weird politics, and literally the worst trivia night I've ever had the displeasure of attending.

This is my fiancé, who the trivia host said "likes it when I keep my toenails painted." 

This is my fiancé, who the trivia host said "likes it when I keep my toenails painted." 

Flowing Tide Pub, Reno

What I have learned from my trivia travels boils down to this: never trust a weekend trivia night. The trivia I went to in Reno for my 25th birthday was truly awful, and I should have known that going in, because it was on a Saturday. I heard on Yelp that Flowing Tide is no longer doing trivia, thank god, because their food was actually really good. Now, what not to do as a trivia host:

1. Go up to teams between questions and tell them which answers are wrong

2. Use the phrase "bust a nut" repeatedly, at high volume, in front of nice families who are trying to play some wholesome trivia together

3. Hit on the clearly uncomfortable waitress over the microphone

4. Call a random hispanic guy who walks in "Jose" when that's not his name and you don't know him

5. Go up to a young couple after the game ends and tell the girl, unprompted, to keep her toenails painted because "he likes that"