I love Keith Urban so much.

This is my fiancé, who the trivia host said "likes it when I keep my toenails painted." 

Edley's Bar-B-Que 12 South, Nashville

I took a week off between jobs and flew to Nashville on August 21st 2017 to embark on an epic trivia road trip. August 21st also happened to be the date of the total solar eclipse, which is why all the other tourists were there. (I, an intellectual, was there for trivia.)

I spent the day walking around Nashville, watching the eclipse (it was transcendental), saying what's up to my boi Keith Urban's hall of fame star, and wearing a shirt I had made that said "PLEASE BE ON MY TRIVIA TEAM." No one commented on it, so I walked into Edley's Bar-B-Que totally cold. (Figuratively - physically I was actually extremely hot and had already sweat through two of my trivia shirts.) I asked the guy setting up trivia stuff if he saw any regulars whose team I might be able to join. He pointed me to three people sitting at a table, who welcomed me with open arms, then added "we have a lot of other people coming tonight." They weren't kidding.

Edley's trivia is run by a company called Trivia Time. Usually I hate corporate trivia, but I'm glad I let my guard down this time - the company has a no-tolerance policy for electronic devices which is super unusual for bar trivia, and they just generally ran a tight ship. I appreciated their respect for the sanctity of trivia, and I had a great time (in spite of contributing zero answers).